LIFT was founded at Canvas (now part of the Volkshotel) and we like to describe it as a party on higher ground. Fresh new electronic music, think cosmic boogie, deep vibes, broken beat, proto-house, wave. Seriously good music inspired by the awesome view outside of Canvas.


Afrobeat and Afroboogie parties in Amsterdam.
Tropical, hot & heavy sounds inspired by artist like Fela Kuti, labels such as Analog Africa & Soundway and a tropical mindset in general. Founded by Natasha Cloutier (of Oh La La) and yours truly at Noorderlicht.

The Daisy Age

The Daisy Age was originated by De La Soul (in 1989) and stands for “DA Inner Sound Y’all” which represents a vibe and a sound that is happy, upbeat, playful and experimental.

The party is about this era in Hip-Hop music, but not exclusively. It doesn’t matter, whether it’s old school, new school, soul, funk, disco, rhythm & blues, new jack swing, reggae or exciting new electronic sounds, as long as it is good and positive. The Daisy Age is about dancing and having a funky good time.